Latest Products Latest Products 17-08-29 en-us MIG Welding Wires (CO2) Thu, 27 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We are counted among the well known Co2 Solid Welding Wire Manufacturers from the country because of our outstanding quality and unmatched performance. Co2 MIG/MAG welding Wires offered by us are of solid wire type that is suitable for Co2 or Ar-Co2 mix. These Copper Coated Co2 MIG/MAG Welding Wires are used at large in industries like ship building, steel & pressure vessel construction, mechanical engineering, pipe work & automobile, etc. The Co2 MIG/MAG Welding Wires possess properties of low alloy solid wire for MIG/MAG joint welding of structural & pipe steels with Co2 or Ar-Co2 mix. MIG Welding Wires (CO2) Type Solid wire for Co2 or Ar - Co2 Mix Applications Mild and Structural Fabrication, Auto Parts Industries, Ship Building, Steel & Pressure Vessel Construction, Mechanical Engineering and Pipe Work & Automobile Industry Properties Low-alloy solid wire for MIG/MAG-joint welding of structural & pipe steels with Co2 or Ar-Co2 mix. Classification AWS/ASME-SFA-5.18 IS 6419:1996 ER 70 S-6 Chemical Analysis % : (Typical Values)  C Mn Si P S Wire 0.07-0.09 1.44-1.52 0.83-0.90 <0.02 <0.02 Mechanical Properties of The Pure Weld Metal (Typical Values) Heat- Treatment Yield Strength [N/mm2] Tensile Strength [N/mm2] Percentage Elongation [%] Charpy V North [J]-29oC AW & SR >420 >550 >22 >27 Mild Steel Welding Electrodes Mon, 25 Jul 2016 00:00:00 +0530 Our company manufactures top quality Mild Steel Welding Electrodes. The mild steel wielding electrodes offered by us are fabricated from X-ray quality mild steel and processed through technically advanced manufacturing procedure. We have marked our specialization in providing rutile type MS Welding Electrodes that are extensively used for general purpose wielding in various industrial sectors. Their heavy coated wielding and availability in various sizes increases its demand in the market. Today, we are known as one of the prominent Mild Steel Electrodes Manufacturers & Suppliers, based in India. MILD STEEL WELDING ELECTRODE : X-Ray quality in mild steelFor general purpose weldingRutile type electrodesHeavy Coated welding SIZES : 2.5 X 350 mm3.15 X 350 mm4.00 X 450 mm5.00 X 450 mm